Advanced Biology
This year long biology class is a comprehensive survey of biology with biochemical emphasis. This class is intended for students who plan to pursue a two or four year college. Dissection is part of the lab work. The ability to work and study independently is necessary for successful completion of this class.


Lab report format:

Calendar of Due Dates

State Standards for Biology

Unit 1: Intro to Science and Biochemistry

First week of school:

Biochemistry and Macromolecules:

Macromolecule Poster Directions:
Fold your paper into 4 sections, label each: Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic Acids and include:
1. The definition
2. A drawing of the structural/atomic formula (see book or internet)
3. The function of the molecule
4. The monomers and polymers
5. Picture/drawing of real life example

Neat and colorful please!!

Slides 8 to 21 only:

Review ppt:

Unit 2: Molecular Genetics

Unit 3: Cells and Energy

ACT Practice Questions (Tomato):

Cell Unit Objectives:

Bacteria and Viruses:




Cellular Respiration:

mitochondria/chloroplast coloring:


Review Material


Cell Unit Review Material:

Unit 4: Mitosis and Meiosis




Packet table of contents:
n1. Vocab
n2. Cell Cycle
n3. Mitosis Pre-lab
n4. Mitosis WebQuest
n5. Phases of Meiosis
n6. Meiosis Pre-lab
n7. Meiosis WebQuest
n8. Review (worth the most points!)
n9. Notes

Unit 5: Genetics and Punnett Squares

Genetics Objectives:

Semester 1 Review

Careers in Science Research Paper and Presentation Instructions:

Second Semester

Unit 6: Evolution

Evolution Review Game:

Unit 7: Phyla and Digestion

Animal Phyla:

Animal Diversity:



Animal Phyla Review:


Unit 8: Circulatory System/Crayfish

Review Game:

Unit 9: Respiratory/Excretory/Echinoderm

Unit 10: Nervous System and Bones, Muscles, Joints

Review games:

Unit 11: Ecology

Review game:

Final Exam Review

Review game: